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After a very smooth trip (had a whole row to ourselves for 16 hours) with no lost luggage, we arrived early Wednesday morning (1 am). We were greeted by some very friendly IJM staffers (I’m not sure how friendly I would be if I had to pick people up from the airport at 1:30 am AND load their ridiculous amount of luggage into a car).  I discovered a fellow staffer is also a fellow UCLA alum (GO BRUINS), so that was a fun connection to make. We couldn’t see much of the city because it was dark when we arrived, but even in the early morning hours it was very clear that obeying traffic signs is optional. We did also see a couple stray dogs running around . . . I could feel Kyle’s pulse start to race.

We got our first introduction to the office culture that night, too.  Apparently we have very mischievous co-workers. While driving to our temporary home, the office administrator asked us if we had packed separately so that Kyle could go stay at an apartment with some of the male staff. We said no (I inwardly panicked). They told us that because of the conservative nature of the community, they didn’t think it was appropriate to have us stay with mixed company (a married couple in single women’s apartment).  Since we had not packed separately they said we could stay together for one night but then should separate until we found our own place.  Both of us kept asking ourselves how we could have missed this important bit of information, especially after I had asked several times whether our hosts would be comfortable with a married couple staying with them. We could NOT figure it out, but just decided to try and roll with the punches. The next day, at lunch, they revealed the prank – no such policy exists.  The office administrator said,  “I looked at that guy (Kyle) and thought he was cool, but then I looked at you and thought, “Oh no, she is going to sue me!”  I told her she was very insightful.

In other news, I bought some lovely new kurtas today. It was tough without my personal shopper (Jenna) there to tell me whether or not I should actually attempt to wear the super baggy, pajama pants in public but I think I did alright. I’ll have to model them later.

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  1. erinpullen says:

    So glad you got there safely! I don’t know if I would have played it as cool as you did regarding the prank…

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