New Cases

The decision to open a new case involves a great deal of time, research, and planning.   We have several that we are working on right now.   This is one of the really fun parts of our job here because we get to participate directly in securing freedom for oppressed people.

There are many factors to consider as we work to identify instances of bonded labor (slavery), ask the government to conduct an investigation, and help the prosecutor build a case against the owner.   Before the office decides to take on a new case, the job of the legal team is to make sure that we have the facts to prove that a crime(s) has been committed.  Often this requires balancing the compelling stories of the laborers with the evidence that we need to take a case to court.

Outside of the specific case at issue, there are general concerns that we need to keep in mind, too. One is our reputation. We want to be known as an organization that provides credible information, understands the law, and works within the bounds of the legal requirements. That means that we need to be reasonably confident that we have identified a situation where slavery is occurring before we get involved. We’ve found that it’s a tough line to walk, especially when the stakes are so high.

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