Everything is Broken

Yesterday was hard. Just a few days before it was scheduled to take place, a hearing in one of the cases that I’ve been working on was postponed for the third time. This is not just any hearing; it is necessary for the trial to begin. The first witness will testify, the trial will begin, and the prosecution will be able to move forward.  All of this is made ten times more complicated by the fact that our witness is currently out of the country and will need to testify remotely. All of our work is wasted. Again.

It’s so hard not be discouraged. I am tempted to give up on this case.  Just as I was letting the bitterness really sink in, a co-worker stopped by my office to say hi. I shared my frustration with him. He offered such a profound observation about life in South Asia that I had to share (a paraphrased version).

He said the system is broken – everything is broken. That’s one reason why this is such a religious place. It’s easier to ignore religion in a place where people trust that everything around them will work like it should. Here, people know that to accomplish even the simplest of tasks takes divine intervention. Survival takes divine intervention. That’s why you’ll hear pastors say, “Praise the Lord” when even a small thing goes right. It may sound like they are trivializing the Lord’s work, but actually they are aware that it is because of God that those things are even possible.

The more I think about it, the more I believe he is absolutely right.

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