A few good tailors

In some ways we are spoiled by life in this city.  The ironing man who irons our clothes for ¢.11  an item is one thing (of course there are no dryers, but that’s neither here, nor there). The egg puffs that are a short walk from the office are another. There is also the excellent and affordable tailoring, which is plentiful. With all the beautiful fabric that is to be found, it naturally follows that there are so many things that can be done with it!

It’s times like these that I wish I had even one artistic bone in my body.  My lack of skill and general dislike of crafting activities is somewhat infamous, but this is one that I can’t resist.  It’s definitely a challenge picking out the fabric – the type, the amount – and also the design of the clothing item. With some direction and recommendations from some other IJM friends, I located a tailor willing to sew western (U.S.) style clothing and attempted to exercise my very weak creative muscles.

Step one: find a dress I like online.

Step two: cut and paste the image into a Word document and enlarge as much as possible; print.

Step three: find the right type of fabric to match the design (a deep plum chiffon).

Step four: take all of the above to Alison’s Fine Fabrics and below is the end result!

Success! It’s a fun, inexpensive project with lovely results. Actually, it’s sort of addicting.

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