Professors for a Week

  A couple weeks ago we had the privilege of teaching a course titled “Human Rights Advocacy for Forced Labour Victims” at the best law school in South Asia.  It was a one credit course with 12 hours of instruction, a final presentation, and a final examination coordinated by the Professors Martin. We combined with a few of our colleagues to handle the lecturing.  Our goal: to inspire and inform this elite group so that, regardless of their career path, they may engage in the fight against forced labour. After all, these are the future judges, Supreme Court advocates, and corporate lawyers. We also hoped that maybe a few would take up a career in human rights advocacy. 

The caliber of the students became apparent almost immediately.  We saw spirited discussions over the definition of slavery in international law, the application in forced labour cases, and the ways in which law or procedure could be reformed to be more effective. My favorite part: the final presentations where the students presented a case to local officials, the honourable Kyle and Erica Martin. Some students responded impressively to our questions; it was clear that they had learned and taken the material to heart.  

More hope for the future of the public justice system here.  


"Professor Martin is soooooo dreamy!"



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  1. sheerah says:

    look at you cuz! so awesome! I am very proud.

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