Hello Monsoon

We finally got a taste of the rainy season that everyone warned us about. It doesn’t take much to flood the streets, but a couple weeks worth of rain will definitely do it. It rained so much that our office actually had to close for the day because of all the flooding. For nine months I’ve wondered why I brought these wellington boots with me . . .

. . . now I know.

The pictures above were taken after things started to recede. The rain brings added risks, some of which stem from the open wiring that is everywhere. One Saturday night our intrepid dinner guests braved the storm to come the 1 km to our apartment and both managed to get electrocuted on their way through the flooding. They reported “tingling hands” when they arrived at our place. Happily, there was no further injury.

Some others weren’t so lucky in the rain. We heard a rumor that two people drowned falling into open man holes on a busy road near us.   I hope it is nothing more than a rumor. Regardless, we have learned – this weather is serious.

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