This past year we’ve been fortunate to have several international visitors, the most recent having left the city a few short hours ago.  We have loved sharing our bright, loud, chaotic, and beautiful South Asian life with friends and family. It’s given us an excuse to play tourist and see other parts of South Asia (thanks to the generosity of those same visitors).  Watching our guests experience life here reminds me of just how amazing this place is and how much grace we have been given.  We know many more would have made the trip if life and money had allowed. Below are a few pictures from our visits:

John, Dianna, and Jenna met us for the vacation of a lifetime in beautiful Thailand.

Kyle's Mom and Aunt took us to see one of the wonders of the world.

No caption needed.

My Mom continued her tradition of visiting me wherever I live on Thanksgiving. This trip was a little further than her visit for my first Thanksgiving in D.C.

She also traveled with us to the home of an incredible servant of God.

We rang in the new year with our dear friends Danny and Keri who came to "try everything." And they did.

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    I miss you…

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