6 years and about 10 months

On February 13 at 2 am PST a trial started after a long, long wait. It has been almost seven years since IJM learned about a case of the forced prostitution of a minor and took it on. This was one of my cases and I spent a lot of time on it with very little progress. The setbacks were really discouraging but were a catalyst for the growth of my faith as I searched for the meaning in the injustice.

Just as we were about to leave the country, many of the barriers preventing the trial from starting were removed.  Because we were so close the team decided that it made sense for me to continue working on it from the U.S.  I was more than happy to provide a small amount of assistance from San Diego so that a witness could testify from Washington D.C. in a trial beginning in South Asia.  Although I tried to stay awake to pray and be available in case any last minute issues came up, I fell asleep and was awakened at 5 am with a call from my boss who let me know that it finally happened. The trial started and the witness testified.

I am so grateful.

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