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Another Attempt

Last Monday I decided to give dal another try. I bought what I thought was the same yellow dal that I eat regularly at a nearby restaurant and asked my sweet co-worker S. to give me a good, but easy dal recipe.  I was excited: an authentic, from scratch, South Asian recipe (my dear friend [...]

Returning to Good News

Our office was busy while we were on vacation! A team from IJM accompanied government officials into a rice mill and was able to obtain the release of 8 laborers and their families who had been in bondage for seven years.  Prior to the rescue, Kyle worked with others on the legal team to analyze [...]


I persisted in my efforts and purchased all this for $.90! Take that, other guy. [ | | 403 forbidden | on this server. ]

Mango Season

Mango season is nearing an end.  I didn’t know how much I loved mangoes until we moved to South Asia. Seriously, you haven’t had mangoes until you’ve tried one from our neck of the woods.  If you get them fresh and ripe they’re sweeter than nature usually allows and more refreshing than that pretender watermelon.  [...]

We’re Back!

We’re back in South Asia after an amazing and refreshing vacation in Thailand (thanks Mom and Dad!).  Updates to follow! [ | on this server. | | ]

Some Days . . .

I feel like this guy. But I know that even though I’m far away from my home, God is providing for me. This past week I had two people tell me that on more than one occasion they woke up in the middle of the night (which is the middle of the day for us) [...]


When we arrived in February we were welcomed by a group of IJM interns and fellows who were several months our senior in South Asia and with IJM.  They shared their extensive South Asian knowledge with us newbies and included us in their tight knit community. We soon learned that the shared experience of living [...]

You Know You’re Turning South Asian When . . .

You crave the traditional lunch of “meals.”  Yes, I know it sounds strange, but that’s what it’s called – meals. It’s piles of rice served with five or six different types of curries on a very hygienic banana leaf.   It comes in both a veg and non-veg form. You add the curries, one at a [...]

Another South Asia Moment

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Father’s Day

My dad has played a huge role in formulating my desire to come and work in South Asia. Even more fundamentally, he is largely responsible for my choice to pursue law. Growing up I had the pleasure of watching my parent love his job, excel in it, and make a difference in the lives of [...]