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You Must Not Cry At All

One of the first things we did during our visit to Cambodia was to tour the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh.  The site of the museum is a former school that was used by the Khmer Rouge, led by dictator Pol Pot, to imprison, torture and execute their own people from 1976 – [...]

Catch You on the Flipside

We are out of country and commission for the next 10 days visiting family in Cambodia! Catch you on the flipside . . . [ | | apache/2.4.35 (win64) php/7.2.10 server at port 80 | ]

New Cases

The decision to open a new case involves a great deal of time, research, and planning.   We have several that we are working on right now.   This is one of the really fun parts of our job here because we get to participate directly in securing freedom for oppressed people. There are many factors to [...]

Luxurious Movie-going

As promised in my recent post on movie-going in South Asia, here is some pictorial proof.  As you might imagine, taking pictures in a crowded movie theater made me look like a ridiculous tourist (as did my white skin and blond hair) but, for the sake of sharing the experience I embarrassed my husband and [...]

In my thirties I . . .

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In my twenties I . . .

A non-exclusive list . . . Graduated a UCLA Bruin Tasted and loved hot vanilla Saw some of Europe with my buddies and a backpack that was bigger than me Visited Africa Became a Witherspoon Fellow Lost my Papa and Grandma Ginny Learned that I needed to love God with my mind, not just my [...]

The Party Place

To kick off my birthday celebrations (yep, that’s plural), we went with a group to the nearby beach for a night. I think the sign speaks for itself. The Party Place has cute, little cottages by the beach and even a “disco” (an empty hall with flashing, colored lights, and local music blasting).  They had [...]

Let’s Go to the Movies

As Kyle mentioned in his post of a few days ago, summer is here and it is HOT.  We are wimps. The other night we went to a cricket match (a story for another post) and although it started at 8pm we were sweating buckets. There are many ways to beat the heat, the easiest [...]

Mother’s Day

There are many things that I value about my mom and they increase in number as I get older. At age (almost) thirty I am acutely aware of the ways that God has shown me grace through her, whether by example, nurture, or speaking the truth to me (frequently when I didn’t want to hear [...]

Put Litter in its Place

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