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I traded turkey for biryani this Thanksgiving.  On that day, my office helped government officials release 46 labourers from bondage.  I was part of the IJM team that conducted the operation, so I spent the day traveling to a village, working at the local government office there, and traveling back. Our team arrived at a [...]

One Day, Three Cases, Four Convictions

Today I visited a small court about three hours from my office with my colleague, an advocate.  The judge had told us he would pronounce judgment today; we hoped it would actually happen.  And it did.  The court found all defendants in three separate cases guilty and sentenced them each to a year in jail [...]

Cambodia Part 2

In an earlier post I wrote a little bit about the first half of our time in Cambodia.  We spent the rest of the trip in Ratanakiri, a province in the Northeast, and at Angkor. We went to Ratanakiri primarily to test my off-road driving skills, but also to see my sister and her family.  [...]

I’ll have the Pug, medium-rare

We can’t reveal on this blog where we are working, but there’s no rule against bragging about vacations.  At the end of May we went to Cambodia.  It was a dual-purpose trip – we have relatives (a brother-in-law, sister and two nephews) there, and it’s just a plain decent place to visit. We deplaned in [...]

Beginning of Summer, 2011

May is blanketing us in a wet heat.  Sometimes it’s hard to breath.  The collars on my shirts are ruined, and I carry a towel with me even for short walks.  Fortunately, our air conditioner is pouring out the arctic air we demand, and fresh fruit juice is plentiful. Of course, we shouldn’t complain – [...]

Birthday Ramblings

Last weekend, we took a birthday-justified diversion from routine and caught an early morning train to the biggest city in an adjoining state.  A highlight for me:  In one weekend, I ate two hamburgers, a steak, and Belgian waffles and pancakes with real maple syrup. But this trip wasn’t exclusively about food – we also [...]

Thore Man Eets the Mye

Tonight I walked – and Erica sort of flitted – through a local bazaar with some friends.  The vendors were suspiciously low key, as though they didn’t think they had to work to separate us from the literally fives of dollars we were carrying.  Erica mainly purchased “fabric,” which I’ve learned is a broad category [...]

Kyle’s First Post

I am here with my wife. You already knew this, and I’ve been in the occasional picture, but it’s time for a written appearance. Erica has covered the first three weeks, so I’ll pick up after that. The last couple days I left the state we live in to attend a court hearing and attempt [...]