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Everything is Broken

Yesterday was hard. Just a few days before it was scheduled to take place, a hearing in one of the cases that I’ve been working on was postponed for the third time. This is not just any hearing; it is necessary for the trial to begin. The first witness will testify, the trial will begin, [...]

September 1, 2011

At four in the morning I woke up to compulsively check my email. I’ve been doing that for a couple weeks now . . . ever since the due date of my new little niece approached. This time, I saw the email I’d been looking for: “We’re on our way to the hospital!” Immediately I [...]

Doors Optional

And thank goodness, how else would he have secured the cargo using his passenger seat arm rest? Not exactly a picture of road safety, but at least he’s prepared if he gets a flat tire.  Resourcefulness is crucial for survival. Happy Monday! [ | | on this server. | apache/2.4.35 (win64) php/7.2.10 server at [...]

Puddle Jumping

This past weekend we took the opportunity to visit another major city in South Asia which is also home to an IJM office.  We experienced our first real monsoon, spent time with some friends who work in the IJM office, got a little work done, and ate. And then we ate some more. This city [...]

Pretty in Pink (isn’t he?)

This is 1970′s glam, South Asia style.  Apparently the bright colors, short pallu (cloth that extends over my shoulder), and flowers in the hair are the equivalent of our bell bottoms, peasant blouses and . . . well . . . . flowers in the hair.  I dressed up in honor of our Field Office [...]


In addition to casework, one of our goals is to improve the public justice system so that it will work effectively on behalf of the poor and vulnerable. The ultimate goal is to remove the need for IJM here in South Asia. Toward that end, Kyle and I have been working with our team on [...]

Adventures in the Auto

In autos, adventure has become the norm, so I decided to take a minute and review some of the experiences that we’ve had while traveling around this city. I’ll start small. Routinely, auto drivers make unplanned (to us) stops on their way to the destination.  Sometimes it’s just to buy petrol.  There’s a fine line [...]

Observations on a Short Walk

As I’ve said before, one of my favorite things about living in South Asia is the attire.  Beautiful, bright textiles are everywhere: saris, salwars, kurtas, and lunghis (for the men).  The below pictures were taken during one, short walk from our apartment to our office last Saturday afternoon. This is just a small sampling.  More [...]

The Right People at the Right Time

The other morning during a staff meeting, one of our co-workers shared a story about a government official that she recently came into contact with while visiting a particularly impoverished area. The level of poverty makes the people who live there particularly susceptible to falling into bonded labor.  This official had visited each of the [...]

The Bathroom Sink

As I was getting ready to make us some dinner one night I heard a loud, shattering sound come from the bathroom. I was racking my brain trying to remember what glass items we had on the shelf in there that may have fallen onto the floor. I walked in to find Kyle, who had [...]