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First Day of Work

Monday we had our first full day of work. It was fairly uneventful as we are in the orientation/background research stage. We were officially introduced to the office during morning prayer. Our title in the office is “in-house counsel” and I had to laugh a little bit when I thought about how I went across [...]

Proof that Kyle is here, too

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The Red Moon

Last night we went to the beach with some other ex-pats to play football. The particular beach that we went to is about half an hour away from where we are staying. Even at 8 pm on a Sunday night the beach was really crowded and understandably so – it’s got the cleanest air and [...]


We learned very quickly that one of the most difficult, yet most essential, part of our lives here would be the navigation of the “autos.” Autos are the most common form of transportation around the city and what we have used to get everywhere since we have arrived.  I’m not sure that words can convey [...]

A kurta and a sign

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We are HERE

After a very smooth trip (had a whole row to ourselves for 16 hours) with no lost luggage, we arrived early Wednesday morning (1 am). We were greeted by some very friendly IJM staffers (I’m not sure how friendly I would be if I had to pick people up from the airport at 1:30 am [...]

We’re Off

We leave tomorrow morning for South Asia via Dallas and London. We managed to fit everything in four suitcases and two carry-ons. It is an enormous amount of luggage, but not too bad for two people who are leaving for a year. I would say 90% of what we are bringing is bath products and [...]

February 14, 2011

Welcome to our blog! We head to South Asia 9 days from today, on Valentine’s Day.  It’s really happening! I, for one, am apprehensive about leaving but eager to dive in to the work.  I think Kyle wishes we left yesterday. A few blog ground rules:  Because of the sensitive nature of the work we [...]

Our Blog

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